Monday, May 30, 2011

Ref sheet: Flynn

Main character:

Name: Flynn (Last name not made yet)
Age: Somewhere around 14-17, it depends on what age I draw him really.
Gender: Male
Personality: Fun, laughs a lot (Creepily sometimes), likes to tease, it's easy to make him cry, moody/has mood swings but he's mostly just an easy going fun person, fairly easy to get along with.
Likes: The beach, candy, napping, food, running, making friends, keeping friends, stalking random people just to creep them out, Albert
Dislikes: Water, bitter food, getting lost. losing friends, the D.S.S. (Demon Slaying Society), Kai.
Powers/strengths: He can control blue dragon-like mini demons (Only because he and Albert are partners), He knows basic hand-to-hand combat.
Weaknesses: He doesn't know how to swim, without Albert he can only fight with punches and kicks, He will protect almost anyone, even people he doesn't know, once angered he doesn't think straight and his attacks become sloppy.

Annnd I'll do more later. Until then

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