Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just not this year~
I'm kidding, I'll update once I get a little more info on some characters and stuff. So, Until then! C:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random information

* D.S.S. stands for Demon Slaying Society: My sister came up with the name. It was originally D.S.A (Demon Slaying Academy) But that didn't work. The D.S.A. is a section of the D.S.S. it's for training new people and stuff.
*The D.S.S. captures demons to use in their army Demons can sense and track other demons so the D.S.S. captures demons and make a deal with them, pretty much if the demons work they won't be killed by the D.S.S. Once the war between the D.S.S. and The L.O.D. (Land of Demons) is over (If the D.S.S. won) they would kill off any demons that the captured.
*Demon Trackers are always demons Demon can sense each other, and track each other. The two main things demons do in the D.S.S. is Demon Hunting and Demon Tracking. usually teams of two (One hunter and one tracker) are put together to go on missions such as tracking and killing a specific demon or tracking and capturing a demon. Humans do not have this power thus making tracking only for demons. Demons are more powerful then human making them better for battle.
*I can't think of anything else right now cuz I'm brain dead I'll do more laaater. Until then enjoy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Character sheet: Albert

Main Character:

Name: Albert
Age: 1,722 (Mentally in his mid 20s)
Gender: Male
Personality: Rude, Obnoxious and loud around Flynn and closer allies, otherwise he's calm and mostly keeps to himself unless he sees someone he thinks has a strong heart, then, he tries to get them to sign a contract meaning he acts more like a salesman. Almost always smiling manically
Likes: Flynn, little kids, teasing/annoying Flynn, girls, winning arguments, complaining, Tetris, being powerful
Dislikes: Older kids, Flynn (It's a love-hate!), The D.S.S., being helpless/powerless, people taking what's his, losing arguments, salt, Rex, people thinking he can't see
Powers/Ability's/Strengths: He can turn his breath into blue dragon-like mini demons, pointy teeth good for biting, normal kicks/punches, with Flynn's help he can unleash a shock wave the surrounds him knocking enemy's to the ground and damaging their ears, he signs contracts with people to get stronger, the talon-like things on his hands are sharp
Weaknesses: Without a contract he's powerless, his blue dragon-like mini demons are very weak, he gets stuck in hat form often, his sight is poor
* Even though Albert has no eyes, he can see.
* He likes Flynn as a little brother but Flynn still annoys him.
* The D.S.S. is short for The Demon Slaying Society
* His cheeks are fuzzy
* He can't read or write
* He thinks love is meaningless
* He is Flynn's demon
* When written out his laughter is always either "Harharhar" , "Hurrhurrhurr" or "Keheheheh"

-NOTE: Okay, The picture is the best one of him I've drawn so far, hopefully I'll have a better ref pic for him! This is basically what the character sheets are going to be. with a colored picture at the top. Anyway, I hope you like it! C:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ref sheet: Flynn

Main character:

Name: Flynn (Last name not made yet)
Age: Somewhere around 14-17, it depends on what age I draw him really.
Gender: Male
Personality: Fun, laughs a lot (Creepily sometimes), likes to tease, it's easy to make him cry, moody/has mood swings but he's mostly just an easy going fun person, fairly easy to get along with.
Likes: The beach, candy, napping, food, running, making friends, keeping friends, stalking random people just to creep them out, Albert
Dislikes: Water, bitter food, getting lost. losing friends, the D.S.S. (Demon Slaying Society), Kai.
Powers/strengths: He can control blue dragon-like mini demons (Only because he and Albert are partners), He knows basic hand-to-hand combat.
Weaknesses: He doesn't know how to swim, without Albert he can only fight with punches and kicks, He will protect almost anyone, even people he doesn't know, once angered he doesn't think straight and his attacks become sloppy.

Annnd I'll do more later. Until then