Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Character sheet: Albert

Main Character:

Name: Albert
Age: 1,722 (Mentally in his mid 20s)
Gender: Male
Personality: Rude, Obnoxious and loud around Flynn and closer allies, otherwise he's calm and mostly keeps to himself unless he sees someone he thinks has a strong heart, then, he tries to get them to sign a contract meaning he acts more like a salesman. Almost always smiling manically
Likes: Flynn, little kids, teasing/annoying Flynn, girls, winning arguments, complaining, Tetris, being powerful
Dislikes: Older kids, Flynn (It's a love-hate!), The D.S.S., being helpless/powerless, people taking what's his, losing arguments, salt, Rex, people thinking he can't see
Powers/Ability's/Strengths: He can turn his breath into blue dragon-like mini demons, pointy teeth good for biting, normal kicks/punches, with Flynn's help he can unleash a shock wave the surrounds him knocking enemy's to the ground and damaging their ears, he signs contracts with people to get stronger, the talon-like things on his hands are sharp
Weaknesses: Without a contract he's powerless, his blue dragon-like mini demons are very weak, he gets stuck in hat form often, his sight is poor
* Even though Albert has no eyes, he can see.
* He likes Flynn as a little brother but Flynn still annoys him.
* The D.S.S. is short for The Demon Slaying Society
* His cheeks are fuzzy
* He can't read or write
* He thinks love is meaningless
* He is Flynn's demon
* When written out his laughter is always either "Harharhar" , "Hurrhurrhurr" or "Keheheheh"

-NOTE: Okay, The picture is the best one of him I've drawn so far, hopefully I'll have a better ref pic for him! This is basically what the character sheets are going to be. with a colored picture at the top. Anyway, I hope you like it! C:


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